The Knowles Family

Achsah Knowles

Sales Manager

Achsah is the oldest, she's in charge of sales and deliveries to all the fruit stands. She enjoys working together with her family, but when the work is done you can often find her reading or just having some alone time.

Amanda Knowles


Amanda, our packing and shipping manager, keeps us all in line and on time. Her determination to be timely and her attention to quality help to ensure your onions arrive fast and fresh. Off duty, Amanda enjoys exercising and spending time with her horse.

Trevor Knowles

Marketing Manager

Trevor is the third in line, being the oldest boy and a computer wiz he is our IT guy. Marketing and managing the website is his job. In his free time, he loves to play guitar, ride his ripstik or shoot hoops.

Timothy Knowles

Production Manager

Timothy at 10 is in charge of production, he does a good job checking the onions and doing research. When he's finished work, he loves to play with his younger siblings, wrestle with Trev :) or ride his ripstik.

Thomas Knowles

 Family Entertainer

Thomas is an active, determined boy. At five he is always trying to keep up with the older kids and keeps us busy with all his energy and mischief. With his sweetness towards his little sisters and his willingness to help, he crawls his way into everyone's heart.

Alivia Knowles

Our Ray Of Sunshine

Alivia at age Three loves horses and playing with her older siblings.  Full of mischief and sweet smiles she's bound to brighten anyone's day.

Angelina Knowles

  Baby Of The Family

Angelina is the cutest little baby in the whole wide world...

Our Goal

From the time we were little our parents taught us to love Jesus and honor Him. So as we continue to run and grow a business our goal is to always be honest, grow the best product we can, treat our customers with kindness and give God the glory!

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