How It All Started 

Hi, we're the Knowles kids, children of Dave and Lisa Knowles. We have always been taught to honer God in all we do and say, and that includes everything involved with the onions. So, as we struggle to learn all the numerous aspects and responsibilities of running a business we thank the Lord for his guidance through every step. 

Farming in our family goes way back, but onions started a generation before us. When our dad was six, he used his little wagon to haul Walla Walla sweet onions up

to the road to sell. Through

the next few years he

helped his dad on the

farm, was taught to do his

best and work hard. When

he was 14, he got the

opportunity to start his

own business, and D&J

Sweets was born with the

help of his brother Jeff, his

dad, and two experienced

onion farmers.

Every spring and summer he worked really hard on the onions and had the privilege of seeing his business grow. After five years he stopped growing onions, got married and started working with his dad and brothers full time on stream bank restoration.

       Now as a father of seven, our dad wants us to have the same opportunity to work together, build character and learn how to be young entrepreneurs.

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